GrippyPup™ Dog Toy

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Keep Your Dog Occupied All-Day Long with GrippyPup™, the Ultimate Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy!

  • BPA-Free Treat Dispensing Ball
  • Extra Strong Double Suction-Cup
  • Sturdy, High-Quality Chew-Proof Rope
  • Double-Layered Dental Tooth Bulge
  • Over 25,000 Happy Customers!

GrippyPup™ combines a dog’s three favorite things – playing fetch, tug-of-war, and of course, doggy treats – keeping your dog busy & entertained whilst you go about your day.

GrippyPup’s unique treat-dispensing ball with chew-proof rope grips firmly to flooring surfaces via extra-strong rubber suction cups. The BPA-free chew ball can be filled with treat rewards, encouraging prolonged playtime that keeps your pooch entertained for hours.

Aside from the treats, GrippyPup™’s textured chew ball promotes good oral health by helping remove plaque & tartar build-up, as well tiring out your dog without any input from you.

Get it by Jan 20th when ordered whithin the next . Free tracked shipping via USPS

Methods include:

GrippyPup™ Dog Toy

Keep Your Dog Occupied All-Day Long with GrippyPup™ Free shipping.
Get it by Jan 20th when ordered whithin the next . Free tracked shipping via USPS

GrippyPup™ Dog Toy

Keep Your Dog Occupied All-Day Long with GrippyPup™ Free shipping.

Hours of
Doggy Fun

Food Snack

Safe & Non-Toxic Materials

Deep Cleaning
For Dog Teeth

GrippyPup™ Is Dog Toy With Sound

Built-in bell can make a soft soundthat attracts dog.
This sound is very slight and does not interfere owner’s daily Life

Perfect For Pooches That Like to Chew

GrippyPup™ is designed to keep dogs occupied for as long as possible without any owner intervention. This makes it perfect for energetic puppies, teething dogs & pooches with destructive chewing habits, by distracting them and tiring them out before they can turn their attention elsewhere (like your furniture!).

Get it by Jan 20th when ordered whithin the next . Free tracked shipping via USPS

Makes Your Dog Work For Their Treats

We all know that dogs eat treats as quickly as they can get them. That’s why GrippyPup™ is specially designed to make it a challenge for your dog to reach the goodies inside. The BPA-free rubber treat-dispensing ball slowly & surely releases treats as your dog chews, licks & tugs.

Get it by Jan 20th when ordered whithin the next . Free tracked shipping via USPS

Tug-Of-War for Dogs of All Sizes

GrippyPup™ sticks firmly to any flat & smooth surface via its extra-strong double suction-cups. Once stuck, the elasticated chew-proof rope emulates a game of tug-of-war, keeping dogs of all sizes on their feet and entertained, even in small apartments.

GrippyPup™ is a fun treat dispensing toy

GrippyPup™ is a fun treat-dispensing toy for dogs to keep them entertained and increase their intelligence. It can also be the solution to destructive and undesirable behaviors for hyperactive or anxious pets. This makes GrippyPup™ ideal for teething puppies as it keeps them occupied and chewing on the toy rather than chewing on your favorite pair of sneakers!

GrippyPup™ is suitable for dogs of all sizes

GrippyPup™ is suitable for dogs of all sizes, although as you might expect, larger & stronger dogs may unstick the suction cup more easily. To increase the effectiveness of GrippyPup™ for more powerful breeds, we recommend sticking it on a slippery surface like a tiled kitchen floor.

GrippyPup™ sticks to the floor with an extra strong suction cup

GrippyPup™ sticks to the floor with an extra strong suction-cup. To stick the toy down, place the suction-cup on the floor and then step on top of it until all air has been forced out. To unstick, simply lift up the suction cup via one of the side tabs.

GrippyPup™ is made of non-toxic chewable rubber that’s 100% safe

All of our staff have a GrippyPup™ at home for their own beloved pooches. GrippyPup™ is made of high-quality, non-toxic chewable rubber that’s 100% safe for dogs. GrippyPup™ is designed to disperse small solid treats & dog biscuits. Don’t use big treats that can get stuck inside the toy or soft treats that can be difficult to clean.

Keep Your Dog Entertained, Even in Small Apartments

If you’re a busy dog owner who’s frequently out of the house, or perhaps living in a small apartment without a nearby dog park, GrippyPup™ is an ideal way to keep your doggo entertained whilst you’re not there with them.

Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean and Breath Fresh

The textured surface on GrippyPup’s treat dispensing ball helps keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy by reducing plaque and tartar build-up. Better yet, you can double-down on this effectiveness by filling the ball with dental chew treats!

Get it by Jan 20th when ordered whithin the next . Free tracked shipping via USPS
Get it by Jan 20th when ordered whithin the next . Free tracked shipping via USPS

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  • Cory B.
    Verified customer • Yesterday
    Good toy dispenser that’s easy to clean. I’ve had toy dispensers where treats and food get stuck inside which became stale over time. They were so stressful to clean. Grippypup is just perfect!
  • Allan W.
    The product is just perfect for my two-year-old Corgi. It keeps him occupied for more than 30 minutes.
  • Penny D.
    Verified customer • 2 day ago
    Amazing product. My little husky loves it so much!
  • Carl R.
    Verified customer • 22/10/2020
    I was very impressed when I got this. My dog had so much fun with it. He’s still using it after five days, its so funny to watch.
  • Daphne M.
    Verified customer • 23/10/2020
    This my dog’s newest favorite toy. Thanks!
  • Erick B.
    Verified customer • 20/10/2020
    My 11 week old Chow Chow had been driving everyone at home crazy. HE’s been eating our shoes, chewing furniture, and overall just being super active. This toy fascinated him so much that all his attention is now on it. It’s perfect with treats inside it.
  • Rick M.
    Verified customer • 19/10/2020
    My dog has managed to find a way to eat up all the treats immediately as soon as I give it to him. I guess I need to put bigger biscuits inside
  • Tanya N.
    Verified customer • 17/10/2020
    A good distraction for my dog whenever I have to go out and buy stuff. He’s very anxious whenever I leave him for a bit. This keeps him entertained.
  • Taylor M.
    Verified customer • 16/10/2020
    I bought a bunch of dog toys for my pitbull and this one is her favorite so far!
  • Charlie P.
    Verified customer • 14/10/2020
    A decent treat-dispenser toy but I wouldn’t buy this if your dog is as big as mine. He’s having trouble getting the treats inside. Maybe that is the point?
  • Rachel B.
    Verified customer • 06/10/2020
    Love it! Sturdy and easy to clean as well.
  • Leigh A.
    Verified customer • 04/10/2020
    My Collie, Bloom never gets tired of this toy. Highly recommended!
  • Terry N.
    Verified customer • 28/09/2020
    I bought this for my Shih Tzu when she was just a puppy and she still uses it now! I decided to buy another one for my new dog.
  • Nathan T.
    Verified customer • 22/09/2020
    My dozy dog takes forever to get the treats out. It keeps him busy for hours. I have a dog cam at home and I see him playing with it all the time. Such a good toy!

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