Frequently Asked Questions

Is GrippyPup™ Suitable for Puppies?

GrippyPup™ is a fun treat-dispensing toy for dogs to keep them entertained and increase their intelligence. It can also be the solution to destructive and undesirable behaviors for hyperactive or anxious pets. This makes GrippyPup™ ideal for teething puppies as it keeps them occupied and chewing on the toy rather than chewing on your favorite pair of sneakers!

What is GrippyPup™ made of?

All of our staff have a GrippyPup™ at home for their own beloved pooches. GrippyPup™ is made of high-quality, non-toxic chewable rubber that’s 100% safe for dogs.

What treats should I put inside GrippyPup™?

GrippyPup™ is designed to disperse small solid treats & dog biscuits. Don’t use big treats that can get stuck inside the toy or soft treats that can be difficult to clean.

How does GrippyPup™ stick to the floor?
GrippyPup™ sticks to the floor with an extra strong suction-cup. To stick the toy down, place the suction-cup on the floor and then step on top of it until all air has been forced out. To unstick, simply lift up the suction cup via one of the side tabs.
What dog size is GrippyPup™ compatible with?
GrippyPup™ is suitable for dogs of all sizes, although as you might expect, larger & stronger dogs may unstick the suction cup more easily. To increase the effectiveness of GrippyPup™ for more powerful breeds, we recommend sticking it on a slippery surface like a tiled kitchen floor.
How should I clean GrippyPup™?
GrippyPup™ should be hand-cleaned using hot water and regular dish soap.
Are the included ropes dangerous for my dog?
No. The chew rope is perfectly safe for your dog. It’s also very sturdy and can withstand even the toughest of bite strength.